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Ask me anything   Hey Hey Heyyy everyone! Just a little introduction I guess. I'm a follower of Christ and I try to live everyday as one. Jesus has given me some great opportunities in life and I can't wait to see what else is in store!! I'm 22! :) I'm an Ice dancer and have been skating for 12 years. I plan to keep going to see where it takes me. It really is my passion and I'm most happiest when I'm skating.

I'm not the kind of girl who will just sit on the sidelines and let someone else lead. I love to help people out, and to be someone to lean on. I'm not rich and I'm not poor. I work hard for what I own. That's what happens when you are one of six kids. :)
I'm that girl who's gonna try the new fashion out or speak my mind when no one else will.
This blog is really a lot of fashion and where I get inspiration for my own style.
Anything else you just have to know...just shoot me a question. <3

I love them&#8230;.

I love them….

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